Smoke em if you got em



This space is initially being constructed around a handful of incomplete, but interesting, files.


For years I’ve been looking for a way to synch still images to music in a way that didn’t require a degree in computer science and thousands of dollars worth of software. All the solutions I’ve found up to this have been inconsistent in timing as they moved across platforms.


Recently a good friend pointed me to a program called Proshow which does exactly this with a reasonably simple interface. Serendipitously this program arrived just as I was completing a project to bring a few tunes I’d created in Fruity Loops to a kind of completion… they aren’t complete – there’s still “real” instruments and voices to go on when the equipment becomes available to do this. Still, they are “complete” enough to bring out for a preliminary airing.


The images in the shows are mostly mine with a few exceptions – none of which constitute a copyright breach.


So – sit back – light em if you got em – and press play.


~ by Phillip Barker on 9 November, 2007.

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