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taken by Tony Harding

© 2013 Tony Harding

Papa Legba

    These  textual images come from the author, Tracy Marks. She has written some excellent books on astrology that are extremely usable as creative spurs. The following document consists of three tables from three of her books. They detail the planet Saturn, the sign Capricorn and the Tenth House. Very “Wintery”.

If my Northern Hemisphere friends want to use these – I’d strongly suggest reversing the images – find the opposites. In six months time you can use this as it stands of course.


building, foundation, fortress, mountain, rock, fence, filter, wall, cement, closet, anchor, iceberg, shellfish, red light, island, backbone, lock, brakes, watchdog, desert, tree, check, weeping willow

Tracy Marks, Planetary Aspects

CRCS Publications, 1987


Twelfth House Saturn (Capricorn) Images

underwater fortress


desert places of the soul

monastery walls

sacred tree

sealed door

closet entrepreneur

underwater architect

interior construction

backbone of a fish

foundations of sand

cliff over the sea

underwater rocks

coral reef

boat anchor

exiled politician

desert island

monastery politics

prison fence

frozen pipes

Tracy Marks, Your Secret Self.  p93

CRCS Publications, 1989



the heights of intoxication

a celestial ship

penthouse by the sea

angel on the cover of Time

a shy prima donna

crystal ball on a pedestal

dolphins leaping out of the sea

headland veiled by fog

mist over a mountain lake

beacon in the sky

a fisher king or fisher queen

labyrinthine skyscrapers

Tracy Marks, The Astrology of Self-Discovery.   p190

CRCS Publications, 1985


AGAIN – please don’t use the prompts as they “stand” – twist them about – make them your own.


Sat Seal 2


to pierce, penetrate; impress, remember; a male; ram.

to step, tread, walk; a going, way; manner; mode of life; lot, destiny.

white linen, byssus clothes; white bread; pr.n. “Nobleman”, “Linen-weaver”.

wall; an enclosure; a castle; an encampment, pastoral village.

 “People’s Burning”.


“Odoriferous” or “Balmy”.

to bind.

a mustering, a census; a charge or mandate; an appointed place or rendezvous; pr.n. “Place of Muster” — of a gate of Jerusalem.”

from an online site devoted to gematria. Alternate meanings / numerations  of “Sandaloy”

aye aye

A couple of photos that might inspire “wintery” thoughts….

© John Panian

© John Panian

© John Panian

© John Panian

More of Johnny’s writing and incredible photos can be found HERE

And a couple of more incredible shots from Tony Harding:

(c) Tony Harding 2013

©  Tony Harding 2013

Cliff over the Sea-2

© Tony Harding 2013


3 Responses to “Capricorn”

  1. below
    mist plays across the lake
    above –
    clear crystal skies
    and pristine snow


  2. Ooh ooh lots of stuff..will be back……(thats what they all say……..)

  3. And I’ve only just started. If you’ve got celtic seasonal references you think would fit let me know. It would be good to have that element in this.

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