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Added some great new photos from Tony Harding and Johnny Crabcakes to the Winter page. ee them at Capricorn in the Astrologics section.



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I’ve started putting together this month’s page of poetry prompts , music and graphics. It’s Winter stuff – based on seasonal references found in astrology and various other philosophies.


Go have a squizz





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That Ole Black Magic

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Been thinking a bit about the world’s obsession with things that are “dark”. For the record I’m not an occultist of any stripe. I get a bit superstitious sometimes if I’m exhausted… or under great pressure. For a time – a long time ago – I looked at Crowley – tarot, astrology and the qabala, and through hindu philosophy – the theories of raga and time and season as elements of performance. This led me to develop some concepts based on Western Occultism to generate pieces of music using the hierarchies of Hebrew / Renaissance philosophy.

What all this made me realise is – although the occult stuff is bullshit – it’s extremely interesting bullshit. As a stimuli for fantasy it’s – well – fantastic… And using these theories as a composition tool – (the hebrew letters have a numerical and sonic value) I can tell you – the demonic hierarchy DEFINITELY produces more interesting pieces than the Angelic.

More later – possibly…

Enjoy Erzulie – she’s a cutie – even with the dagger and the seven cuts…

Smoke em if you got em

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This space is initially being constructed around a handful of incomplete, but interesting, files.


For years I’ve been looking for a way to synch still images to music in a way that didn’t require a degree in computer science and thousands of dollars worth of software. All the solutions I’ve found up to this have been inconsistent in timing as they moved across platforms.


Recently a good friend pointed me to a program called Proshow which does exactly this with a reasonably simple interface. Serendipitously this program arrived just as I was completing a project to bring a few tunes I’d created in Fruity Loops to a kind of completion… they aren’t complete – there’s still “real” instruments and voices to go on when the equipment becomes available to do this. Still, they are “complete” enough to bring out for a preliminary airing.


The images in the shows are mostly mine with a few exceptions – none of which constitute a copyright breach.


So – sit back – light em if you got em – and press play.